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SEO Reports
In-depth SEO reports that you can act upon, for your website. We will enlist all the problems and we will cover these areas: Domain Info and Site Performance, Social Analysis, Domain Analysis, Keywords Analysis, Validation Problems, Search Engine Simulation, (bonus) Latest info on Google Updates and how to stay on the safe side (includes a complete guide to Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm & conversational search queries).
SEO Articles
We can provide high quality targeted content that will benefit the reader and it will be very receptive for search engines. We will ensure the content will attract more targeted traffic to your blog or website. We would only need your topic and keywords. Each article is approx 400 to 500 words with a keyword density of 1%-3%
Keyword Research
Before you do start working on your online marketing strategies, one of the most important part is keyword research. We would normally provide 50 profitable keywords with low competition that will boost your traffic and conversion rates. We will include a further 25 long tail keywords and 25 Latent Semantic Keywords(LSI Keywords)
Content Plan
We will create a schedule that will tell you what you need to do every week for 8 weeks(approx. 2 months) to build your online presence and brand. We will provide a spreadsheet that will include: Article titles, Blog commenting task (how-to guide provided), Excerpt content (with how-to guide), Excerpt presentation assignments (with explanation on how to create), Press releases assignment, Video task, Plan Video Release and Preparation, Set Newsletter Release and Preparation.

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